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Aone has accumulated intellectual property expertise in the mechanical, electronic, electrical, and chemistry fields, and has intellectual property experts particularly in the areas of mechanical and electronic technologies. Based on its accumulated expert knowledge, Aone has achieved remarkable results in the generation of rights through patent applications, in trials, and in responses to disputes through litigation, and has furthermore conducted prior art searches in a diverse range of technical fields, patent-based technical trend analyses, licensing, and more. This accumulated expertise will ensure that you are provided the best service for the protection of your rights.

Aone also has experts in the areas of designs and trademarks. We understand the impact that trademarks and designs have on our clients’ businesses and related markets, and are capable of handling these matters in a complex and multifaceted manner.

Today, Aone continues striving to provide the best service for all your needs related to intellectual property in Korea, and hopes that the fruits of our efforts will become yours.

변리사 조영철

세상을 마주하는 태도와 그 시선의 유연함에 대해 고민하며,기술과 예술이라는 키워드로 세상을 보고자 합니다.

경북대학교 전자공학과 학사

삼성 에스원 기술연구소 등

표준특허 전문변리사 양성교육 수료

나이스국제특허법률사무소 공동대표 역임

특허법인 아이엠 파트너 구성원 변리사

에이원국제특허법률사무소 설립/ 공동대표

(사)소셜벤처파트너스서울 이사장(현)

변리사 배철우

사람과 기술이 어우러진 세상을
꿈꾸며 한 걸음씩 뚜벅뚜벅 나아가고자 합니다.

연세대학교 기계공학과 학사

기아자동차 중앙기술연구소

한국특허아카데미 특허법/저작권법 강의 (2004-2006)

우리특허법률사무소 근무

법무법인 푸른 근무

두호특허법률사무소 대표변리사

에이원국제특허법률사무소 설립